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We collect your waste like every other waste collector,but instead of taking it to a landfill or the Ocean we take it to our own sites where we sort the waste and then recycle 100%.

ECOSOC collects waste all over Mogadishu (see map below), and collects all types of waste except for hazardous. Our waste collection is done in new trucks equipped with GPS to make for a smooth and professional service. We collect from all kinds of commercial clients: Office buildings, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Shops and Restaurants. We also offer on-site sorting and recycling reports, which helps businesses sharpen their green profile. Also We collect from household across all income areas. This includes apartment blocks, townhouses and resident associations. We collect from Single Homes as well.

In order to recycle and compost the waste we collect accurately, we need to sort the waste. Locally hired women and youth in close proximity to our two sites have been trained to know the 45 different fractions of waste that we use, and will sort everything into bigger sacks. We are then sure that all types of plastics, aluminums  tins and organic waste will be separated and stored together

ECOSOC is able to recycle on average 99% of the waste we collect. Recycling simply means re-using resources, instead of putting them to e.g. a landfill. Reducing landfills is good because landfills releases harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses. Recycling is also good as it saves energy and water because you don’t have to produce something from raw material.We also provide recycled all 7 types of plastics aggregates at competitive market prices and regular basis. Our range of Plastic Recycled Agglomerates is customized as per customer’s requirement. We source different materials as shown below and can supply as requested:

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